Mohammad Hasanzadeh khayat (PharmD, PhD)
Horieh Nasirlee (PharmD)
Research Interests:
  • Determination of Aflatoxin M1 in pasteurized milk samples in Mashhad.
  • Determination of heavy metals (Al, Pb, Cu, As) in dry and infusion black tea samples available in Mashhad.
  • Comparison of sodium valproate clearance between epileptic patients and patients with acute mania.
  • Determination of the mycotoxin patulin in apple juice produced in Mashhad.
  • Effects of pentoxyfylline on erythropoietin resistant anemia and serum level of TNF-a and INF-g in renal failure patients.
  • Determination of Cyclosporine A by HPLC in microspheres and liposomes encapsulated by cyclosporine A.
  • Quality Control and Quantitation of Iranian saffron by HPLC.
  • Evaluation of the relationship between serum vitamin E and coronary disease.
  • Evaluation of enzymatic GSTS gene polymorphisms: association with P16 methylation in esophageal cancer patients and quantitation of 1-OHP in patient’s urine by HPLC.
  • The comparison of lyzozyme structure in the presence of different kinds of alcohol and anionic surfactants.
  • Nicotine Content Domestic Cigarettes , Imported Cigarettes and pipe Tobacco in Iran