Seyed Adel Moallem (Pharm.D, PhD)
  Toktam Hosseini (Pharm.D.)

Research Interests:

  • Teratological screening and mechanismsof the teratogenic effects of chemical, pharmaceutical, and herbal products in experimental models.
  • Environmental toxicology of pesticides: pesticide residues in agricultural products.
  • Heavy metals toxicology in seafood.
  • Investigation of the effect of Methamphetamine on morphology, proliferation (PCNA), and apoptosis in the rat productive system.
  • Investigation of immunosuppressive, COX-2, or MAP Kinase inhibition activities of chemicals synthesized in the Medicinal Chemistry Dept.
  • Differentiation potential of human peritoneal stem cells: introducing a novel source of adult stem cells.
  • In vivo transplantation of mice mesothelia stem cells: migration and differentiation in the recipient mice.
  • Elucidation of epigenetic controls of early human embryonic development.