Mohammad Ramezani(PharmD ,PhD)
Sara Amel Farzad (Pharm.D)

Research Interests:

The major focus of the laboratory is on the development of novel gene delivery systems to achieve an appropriate vector for gene therapy.

Current Projects:

  • Developing polymer-based (especially PEI-based) gene delivery systems.
  • The objective of these studies is to achieve novel non-viral vectors with an improved ability of getting gene inside cells.
  • Developing peptide-based non-viral gene delivery systems.
  • The emphasis of these studies is to design vectors, which cannot serve many functions that other types of non-viral vectors can not perform alone.
  • Liposome-based delivery of gene using different approaches
  • Preparation and evaluation of nano-sized lipoplexies as a non-viral in gene therapy: effect of bilayer fluidity of cationic liposome’s on transfection efficiency.
  • Preparation and evaluation of glactosylated lipoplexes as non-viral vector: effect of cholesterol derivatives on transfection efficiency.


Future Projects:

Application of recombinant fusion proteins for gene delivery.

Because of having precise composition, sequence and length, these types of vectors can be good options for cancer gene therapy.